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Units Converter One is a a powerful upgrade to our very well accepted Distance Conversion Calculator, and also converts the square and the cubical values of the units of interest, both US and Metric.
This delicious App is ad-free and is priced as low as a couple pounds of bananas!
This exceptional App can also be used in the mechanical field, land surveying, civil engineering, construction, etc.
For all purposes use on your own risk!
Design was focused on the functionality.
We strive to develop one click solutions packaged in small size lightweight apps that need no special permissions to access the internal functionality of your Android device, hence no scary warnings upon downloading to be displayed.
All feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!

*Useful for all distances and lengths in all popular measurement units, both US and Metric.
*Easily converts Inches, Feet, Yards, Miles, Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters and Kilometers.
*Produces linear, square and cubical values of the units of interest.
*Handles Distance, Area and Volume.

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