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10:26 AM 12/5/2012 Critical Days Calculator 1.0.0 went live on Google Play!

1:58 AM 11/2/2012 If you believe that social media came into life because of the computers, you are dead wrong! I know for sure about the existence of a popular social media non-computer "web site" back in the 1980s, which probably have existed well before that time! Yes, I am talking about the famous free of charge local telephone line widely known as "Гъзарска Среща" (Gazarska Sresta) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

5:17 PM 10/18/2012 Karl, thanks for your Review, we appreciate your time very much!
The reason that there are no graphs produced in Biorhythms is because graphs are rather confusing for most users, and the App goes right to the so-called "critical" days, instead.
We can rethink our design in some future, though, and to try to incorporate both graphs and mate comparison in a user-friendly way, and on limited real estate.

11:33 AM 10/10/2012 Biorhythms 1.0.6 is live on Amazon as well, and offers a powerful new feature that calculates so-called "critical" days!

10:08 AM 10/5/2012 One year on Google Play Apps by Actually Useful Software, wow!

8:39 PM 10/4/2012 Nine months since V.1.0.4 we just recently had the time to revisit our Simple Percent Calculator, and Version 1.0.5 is live as of today!

6:05 PM 10/3/2012 Have some fun and calculate Biorhythms of both Romney and Obama before their debates to compare with their actual performance!

10:34 PM 9/30/2012 Biorhythms 1.0.6 is live on Google Play and offers a powerful new feature that calculates so-called "critical" days!

9:16 PM 9/28/2012 Tip Calculator is back on Google Play. Version 1.0.2 is available there for free!

9:00 PM 9/28/2012 Here they are, all My Reviews on Amazon!

9:15 PM 9/27/2012 Lots of UI improvements for pleasant user experience were introduced in Enhanced Temperature Converter, version 1.0.3, and it is back on Google Play.

5:14 PM 9/25/2012 Working on new powerful features on our Biorhythms for Android! Stay tuned!

2:01 AM 8/22/2012 We have just released our next big hit, The Biorhythms!

10:00 AM 8/13/2012 ... And even more "social" as we recently went out on Twitter as well, again...

10:23 AM 7/26/2012 We went out "social" on Facebook recently...

7:12 PM 7/20/2012 Just submitted the new version 1.0.1 of Distance Conversion Calculator (Kindle Fire Edition) which is expected to go live on Amazon in a couple of days.

8:24 AM 7/20/2012 Our Fuel Efficiency Converter is live on Amazon, where is also a "Test Drive" feature available!

3:11 PM 7/12/2012 Discount Calculator 5 is now live and ready for downloading.

9:39 PM 6/10/2012 Fuel Conversion Calculator 1.0.7 was just released on Google Play! New features in the graphical user interface added: switch between portrait and landscape orientation, the soft keyboard conveniently pops up right on the numbers, and more. App's size was further reduced.

7:54 PM 6/10/2012 Unfortunately, there wasn't open market place for VB Apps back in the 00s... This article came later... Teaching an old dog new tricks: How to fix Microsoft.

9:11 PM 6/3/2012 Area Volume Distance Converter 1.0.4 is now available! Check it out!

11:11 AM 6/1/2012 The Ads-Free version of our Tip Calculator is on Amazon!

7:56 AM 4/25/2012 Temperature Converter is the ads-free version of our Temperature Conversion Calculator!

12:35 PM 4/17/2012 Mass Converter is now online. That is the ads-free version of our Mass Conversion Calculator!

5:35 PM 3/26/2012 AdSense worked in the most straight-forward way actually, just by copy-paste the AdSense's code in the body of my web app's html, just like if that was a web site... Hope Google will accept this approach! What Java code would do the job with AdSense, anyway?...

3:20 PM 3/24/2012 Since Android is an open ended environment, from both hardware and software ends, is it really predictable for the developer?

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