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The idea about this website came with the development of the Lazy Game, the Competing Squares, where my objective was to design software that is really-really useless, while playing with the basics of JavaScript and CSS, hence the first name of this website was "UselessSoft dot com", and it was named that way just for fun! The website was started in September-October 2011 and it is a work in progress.

Some of our Apps were briefly presented below.

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Discount Price Calculator

Tip Calculator

Simple Percent Calculator

Discount Calculator

Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Temperature Converter

Temperature Conversion Calculator

Distance Conversion Calculator

Mass Converter

Units Converter One

Fuel Conversion Calculator

Fuel Efficiency Converter


The Bedbugs game was first released on October 5, 2011 on the Android Market. Many thanks to all of you who found it interesting and downloaded it!

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