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Discount Calculator shares the same DNA with our Discount Price Calculator. The difference between these two Apps is the served ads with the later.
Holiday Season with great deals is around the corner and if you are about to target great deals in the department store, this really useful App is right for you! You don't need to rush to the cash register anymore to check sale prices! Just use this cool App and you can see the final price and your savings after all coupons and discounts. And you can have this great software right in your pocket today.
We strive to develop one click solutions packaged in small size lightweight apps that need no special permissions, hence no scary warnings upon downloading to be displayed. Network communication access permissions are needed to serve ads only with our free of charge Apps, sorry about this inconvenience!
Note: Calculation of the final price may follow different algorithms at different merchants. Although we implemented an algorithm that is very typical for major department stores, the results produced by our Discount Calculator should be used for reference only!
All feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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