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Efficiency is art of engineering!

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Actually Useful Software is not a business. We just wanted to know if writing Apps could make any substantial money, since people got used to enjoy all kinds of free software for a long time now!

How do we define "substantial money"? Isnít that an excellent question? Well, how about a steady revenue that is close to the minimal hourly wage in the US? That would be a fair criteria, since one might say:
"Hey, you know what, I can survive working from my house, and doing what I really love to do the most!"

Unfortunately, we are not quite there, yet!

Who gains and who looses from the culture of freeloading?...

We have more ideas for developing actually useful Apps, however, they are put on halt for now because of time constraints.

We strive to develop one-click solutions, packaged in small size lightweight Apps that need no special access permissions, hence no scary warnings upon downloading to be displayed.

Network communication access permissions are needed for our free of charge Apps just for the purpose of serving ads, and we are sorry about this inconvenience!

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We greatly appreciate all feedback, reviews, ratings and suggestions!
Thank You!

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