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Efficiency is art of engineering!

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Born and raised in Bulgaria, Europe, and proud with heritage, history and genes.
Proud Citizen of The USA.

Please rest assured, we do not care about any kind of personal information, life preferences, etc. of the users of our digital properties!

However, we include in our free Apps a large piece of software by Google just for the purpose of serving ads, and we don't know how exactly their software behaves on your device.

We strive to develop one-click solutions, packaged in small size lightweight Apps that need no special access permissions, hence no scary warnings upon downloading to be displayed.
Permissions were requested for our free of charge Apps just for the purpose of serving ads, and we are sorry about this inconvenience!

Actually Useful Software is an Independent Individual Developer Enthusiast.
We develop and proudly serve our Android Apps in over 200 countries and territories around the Globe!
First introduced to computer coding (FORTRAN) back in high school, however, later graduated with M Sc degree in Metallurgical Engineering.
For many years worked with AutoCAD (in industries ranging from electronics to land surveying) and with Visual Basic, and developed useful in-house software.
At some point got more familiar with The C Programming Language, C++, and JavaScript.
Soon after getting in hands an Android smart phone in May 2011 started developing Apps for Android.
All coding, descriptions, videos, screenshots, icons, etc., were done as a hobby at home, and basically just for the fun.

We also wanted to explore if could make money by writing Apps!
We found out that users dislike to observe ads in free of charge Apps, and also hesitate to pay $0.99 for an ad-free App!...
Ot top of that, newly published Apps were very hard to get discovered by their potential users in today's extremely saturated app-markets.

If you really-really hate ads just switch to airplane mode before running our free Apps!

We have many more ideas for developing actually useful Apps, however, they are put on hold for now because of time constraints.

Get our Apps from these well respected App Stores:

Google Play Store on your device, or at Actually Useful Software on the web,
New and updated App versions are usually available first on the Play Store.

BlackBerry World on your device, or at Actually Useful Software on the web.

Barnes&Noble NOOK Apps on your device, or at Actually Useful Software on the web,

Amazon Appstore on your device, or at Actually Useful Software on the web,

On Samsung Apps on your device, or at Unit Converter for Smart on the web, and then while there, search for Actually Useful Software to get to the entire collection.

You also could get our Apps from your LG Smart World or Nokia X Store on your particular Android device.

For technical questions, concerns, etc. email us at:

Support at ActuallyUsefulSoftware dot com

We greatly appreciate all feedback, reviews, ratings and suggestions!
Thank You!

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